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Describing Fear (1): When A Horror Movie Played Out In My Business…

The year 2012 was a particularly ‘fearful‘ year for me. I had several close shaves. I will give just two accounts.

However, before I go on , I need to state that I am not fearful anymore. With the help of God, I now have a clear understanding of the purpose behind the ‘fears’ I felt: God allowed me to feel real cold fear so that I can describe fear accurately… Please enjoy this republished story from the archives of Funmi Adebayo …

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“How do you manage to paint such accurate pictures and bring those scenarios to life so perfectly in your write ups?” Is a popular question.

And each time I’m asked, I smile knowingly and just look on in silence. But care for a truthful answer? I’ll tell you.

Sometimes, it happens by pure inspiration. When one is a writer, she sees things in totally different ways and mingles with life from an entirely different perspective. She sees beyond ordinary naked eyes and queries situations for more unlikely answers. Moreover, she analyses and even combines plots and characters in her head.

For her, every moment in life is a potential story, and every one she associates with a potential character. Not consciously though.

Apart from day to day interactions with people, I in particular also get my leads from other literature- especially the Bible; and often times from movies. I tend…

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