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Things You Must Start Doing… (1)

I wrote this piece 5 years ago, and it’s even more instructive now than then. Please enjoy it, and do read it to the end. I’m sure you’d be inspired.

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At 14 days into the New Year, I have seen and heard all kinds of goals and resolutions from different quarters: Financial, Career, Personal, Spiritual, Relationship, Health, Fitness goals, – you name it! Some very realistic and achievable; others not so doable. Not because those involved failed to follow the ABCs of goal-setting, but more for people being too hard on themselves…

Imagine someone who has been addicted to a high sugar diet trying to make an overnight shift without expecting his taste buds and entire system to rebel and lead him into even greater cravings and indulgences; or someone who has been overweight almost all her life hoping to drop two sizes down in a month and to maintain the new dress size with minimal struggles… Of course, like the goddess that I am, I can tell where the story will end before it even begins…

You never know…

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