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Matchless …

1Jh.4.4 (MSG ) My dear children, you come from God and belong to God. You have already won a big victory… for the Spirit in you is far stronger than anything in the world.

God is uncontainable, indescribable
Incomparable with anything on earth
Each time you overrate life’s challenges
You discount His power in your life.

You don’t need mammoth faith
To move your big mountains
A bare kernel of faith will suffice…

You need not use vain repetitions
To get Heaven’s attention
Just a whisper in the name of Jesus will do.

The centurion said,
“Why visit to heal my servant, Lord
When just a word from You is enough …?”

The woman with the issue of blood thought
I don’t need to give Jesus a hug ...
If I may but touch the hem of His garment, I’d be whole!

The Syrophoenician woman needed not feast with the children
For her daughter’s healing-
Just crumbs from the Master’s table was sufficient…

Two hundred pennyworth of bread was too much
To feed five thousand men in the wilderness
Just five barley loaves and two tiny fishes served…

The blood of Jesus atones for our innumerable sins
Not by pints or gallons …
Just a drop is as good.

God never needed a large army
To deliver His people in battle
He is mighty to save with few…

Armies of angels
To rout life’s toughest devils?
Not even a feather
When you speak the word in the name of Jesus!

You call for Heaven’s throne
To quell your life’s greatest turmoils?
Please relax… the Greater One resides in you!

You don’t need outrageous wisdom
To be reckoned with in life
His foolishness is wiser than man…

You don’t require extraordinary strength
To conquer territories
For with weakness His grace doth abound

God is ‘uncontainable’, indescribable
Incomparable with anything on earth
Each time you overate life’s challenges
You make Him too small in your life.


Lord, I have made You too small in my eyes by exaggerating my life’s issues. Please forgive me.

Now I know that nothing on earth compares to You and Your matchless power in me. Speak the word only… And I will be whole. Amen.

Funmi Adebayo


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