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You Stretch Out And Touch God This Christmas…

Mat 9:21(KJV) For she said within herself, If I may but touch his garment, I shall be whole.

On every encounter with Jesus
A guilt-ridden man is pardoned

When men touch Heaven
Miracles happen

At the touch of Jesus
A broken heart is mended

At every encounter with Heaven
Somebody’s narrative changes!

So, having waited all year for God’s touch
It’s time YOU turned round, and stretched out
To touch God!

Touch Him with your praise and worship
Touch Him with a grateful heart
Touch Him with an act of service
Touch Him with a sacrifice…

Stretch the tentacles of your faith
And touch the hem of Jesus’ garment

Pull the strings of His heart
And you shall receive more than you ever asked!


Lord, those times when it seems I’ve awaited Your touch for so long, please teach me to turn the table around, and touch You in ways that command Your intervention. Amen.

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