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Interview: “Why it is Important to Present your Content Decently and Professionally…” – Poetolu, Award winning Poet and Author @poetolu

There’s one sweet name that readily comes to mind at every mention of Poetry in today’s evolving literary world. The name even seeps through the nerdy confines of the industry to the contemporary world of groovy people, oldies and millennials alike, who definitely can’t relate to orthodox Shakespearean literature.

It’s the name of a very fine young African poet who has brought life, entertainment, storytelling, excitement, joy, laughter, innovation and all kinds of goodies into this otherwise rather bureaucratic and boring branch of literature – to the extent that his creativity is globally acclaimed by people who naturally hate poetry.

And he commands such a huge passionate followership of voracious readers of his works.

So what’s the secret code? What’s the magic wand? Is it his great looks and six packs? Well, so I thought until I read his books “Your Father Walks Like a Crab” and “I Laugh at these Skinny Girls”. Tolu Akinyemi aka Poetolu’s is a very talented and innovative writer indeed!

So, it’s such an honour to present to you this very interesting interview. Let’s explore the very exciting world of award winning poet and author, Tolu Akinyemi aka. Poetolu.

My poetry has a clear agenda, which is to tell the usually untold the stories of everyday experiences (of what it means to be African, either living on or outside the continent) in a way that is simple, witty, poignant and relatable, while providing an alternative narrative about Africa and African writing.

Funmi: Let’s meet the amazing Poetolu

Poetolu: My Name is Tolu Akinyemi. I was born in Akure, Ondo, State Nigeria, where I spent almost all of my childhood. I studied Architecture at The Federal University of Technology, Akure, before I moved to the United Kingdom in 2010.

Funmi: What Inspired You to Be A Poet?

Poetolu: The root cause of this journey is boredom. Growing up, I was such a… more here


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