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The Ultimate Start Over Guide: You needn’t End it all with your Huge Losses. I didn’t !!!


When I organised that crazy clearance sales and locked up my retail store for a short break two years ago, never did it occur to me that I might be kissing retailing a final goodbye (at least as a main-hustle) …

This was a venture I had run for over four years, one which I had thought would be my ‘final bustop’; one which I had intense passion and huge dreams for (we hoped to evolve into a leading Retail brand in this region, and even become a franchise), an empire I quit my promising career in IT and Aviation to build, and invested my life’s savings and probably a part of my inheritance in), and all that made it even more heart rendering…

I planned resuming business, but recession and other factors set in. I soon faced the harsh realities and bit the bullet. Getting a high interest loan out of desperation was a NO – NO. Why cover a torn piece of cloth with another, like Jesus said, and further delay the eventualities?

Resuming operations with my meager savings plus some little available help (which I humbly refused) was also not an option, as that would only set me up for greater failure considering the nation’s economy during  the recession (and the retail business is very capital intensive). How on earth would I later defend my sanity to my ‘helpers’ when everything failed again?

Then came fear, guilt, shame with bouts of doubt and uncertainty as expected.

So my seven-figure investment had truly gone down the drain.  Just like that!

So I should have kept at it and not ‘foolishly’ shut down in the first place…

So my mistakes had eventually caught up with me… 

So down time and staff issues have eventually finished my business..

So my business had failed now 

What would people say… ?

Would family be proud of me again ever… ?

What would I tell Church members…?

What would I say during testimony time…? (😂  …) 

What should I do next? 

Should I keep hoping to return, or should I just let go?

Should I return to paid employment?

Should I start another business?  If yes,  what exactly should I do?  

The list of raging thoughts was endless!

Anyone who has suffered such a heart-rending loss at such an ungodly hour can relate!

My hope was dashed. My dreams were shattered.

 Life has zero-tolerance for setbacks. So, you’d rarely get invited to an event tagged, “Starting All Over.” No wonder depression and suicide are on the increase

It takes a calm, still, trusting heart to hear God accurately; but how could I humanly keep calm?

“Be of God cheer when my life is up side down, Lord?  You really must be joking!”

So, in my anxiety, my questions went unanswered. Worse still, my restlessness wouldn’t even allow anyone ‘hear God for me‘ if that were to be right. It was that bad.

Consequently, I had to depend on lame fleeces, mere mental calculations, intuition, and loads of guess-work , while my answer was so close-by.

It was really hard and tough, and I doubted if I would ever survive.  But guess what???  God finally reached out to me by His mercies, and I GOT MY GROOVE BACK!!!

The story didn’t end there: I learned from my mistakes, realigned with my purpose, discovered how to turn my talents into skills (had to take some courses), also learned how to monetize my passion.

Best of all, I also learned how to keep my focus on the main thing, and to stop majoring on life’s minors. I will join the supply-chain in the nearest future, but it will be a side-hustle this time, and I definitely won’t operate as a retailer.


Now, when I say you can Get Your Groove Back, trust me: you truly can. Your life doesn’t have to end with your great loss. You can always bounce back and start all over!

So how did I beat depression? Why didn’t I end up jumping off Third Mainland Bridge? What practical steps did I take? How did I start all over again with zero income?

The story continues with lots of lessons to learn and practical Starting Over Guides which shall be available to my subscribed audience only. So if you haven’t joined my mailing list yet, this is the time to join.

In any case, the first thing that changed was my entire paradigm and attitude towards life, failure, my left-overs, and starting over; all of which I have documented in my new devotional e-book, Getting Your Groove Back .

Getting Your Groove Back is a 30-Day Devotional Guide with practical Life Application Sections.

Coaches always tell us how to build and make it work. But once you fail, you dare not come back; after all, how could you have been foolish enough to fail despite all they taught you?  Life has zero-tolerance for setbacks. So, you’d rarely get invited to an event tagged, “Starting All Over.” No wonder depression and suicide are on the increase. In any case, if you’re there enduring excruciating pains from a recent loss,  then God’s got you covered!

Have you lost a job, business, home, relationship or a great opportunity? Your life needn’t end there! You can make a comeback.

You can Get Your Groove Back.

You can Start Over.

Your journey to newness begins NOW!

Please follow this link (or click on the image below) to join my mailing list and get your FREE copy of Getting Your Groove Back. Congratulations in advance on your journey to a more significant you and a powerful comeback.

More from me soon. Much Love.  💕


Funmi Adebayo (c) 2017

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