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Disaster! First Visit To Boo’s Mum… by @seunyewandewilliams

Please enjoy the first story from our #LoveTherapy Series on This one is by Seun Yewande Williams, author of Finding Grace, a Christian Fiction.

textgram_1486489398Photo credit: + diary of a crazy black woman

Being engaged to Matthew was the best decision she thought she had ever made. Not only did she know that it was the right thing to do, she was also excited and happy, like never before. He called her everyday, wanting to know what was going on with her. She had insisted she called once in a while, but he said if he was supposed to take responsibility for her in the future, how would he ever show it if he didn’t start from now? She loved Matthew, but once in a while, she would get moody when she remembered that she might not be able to produce children. She hadn’t told Matthew about the outcome of the abortion she had years earlier, but she had been praying for God to wash her and have mercy on her. However, she…

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