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How Working Out Saved My Life


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So I was out again this morning for my brief walk around the estate. I had to go with my scarf (I couldn’t locate my face cap on time) because of the scourging morning sun lest I return with another headache. I borrowed my baby’s beloved sneakers. If the boy catches me hennn?

I resumed this long forgotten ritual just last week when it occurred to me that my health might improve if I could only work out outdoors, interact with nature and get some blast of fresh breath. I had been battling with all kinds of annoying ailments since November started- cold, cough, typhoid, malaria, fever, headache, tummy ache, nausea etc – and I was like, wetin? all these for only me?

Thankfully, I started recovering the very day I started. My instincts got sharper and I am generally more alert; and I wonder why I stopped in the first place.

There are many health benefits to working out outdoors. Try just an early morning thirty-minute walk around your estate from this week. Just for health and not to lose weight or anything. Your health will improve significantly and you will definitely thank me later.

So I decided to catch some fun this morning by taking some selfies as I walked. And come and see how Lagosians were almost skidding off the road staring at me. As in, “Look at this vain woman taking selfies this early Monday morning.” Trust me – I no send them o. If only they knew how vain I could be, and how much I love selfies if not for recent busyness. I had my fun to the full, and I even employed one of them to help me get some very nice shots. See how fat I’ve grown, but guess what? You better say goodbye to the skinny me you used to know because I’m really loving this curvy new me. Winks*

Then I saw this curvy woman, working our vehemently as if her life depended on it. And I wanted to say, “Madame, please take it easy: which one na? In fact, I could have ‘snapped‘ her just to let you see how curvy she looked but for fear of being sued. Come see babe o. And I was like, so what is this woman trying so hard to loose? Her waist is small for crying out loud, and Lord, if only I had those her heavy bummmms… Chai!

It is true that it takes another person to appreciate our beauty.

I plucked a small stem of flowers as I walked. I love to interact with nature and I can’t describe how therapetic that is to me. Just to let you in on my recent things this early morning and to wish you a very fantastic week ahead.
Please try to create some time to work out. Forget the gym. Work out OUTDOORS. It has lots of benefit. Looking forward to a healthier you in the coming New Year.

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