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It’s My Birthday Again and Here’s My Goody Bag

Wow! In So it’s my birthday again! Thank God for another beautiful year gone by and a much more glorious year ahead. 

This time last year, I was busy having my face painted at Beautifixx studio, tying geles and poising in front of cameras. Today however, I wouldn’t have tme for such till very much later. As a matter of fact, my hair is still undone and nails unfixed. And my party dresses are not even ready. Moreover,it’s Sunday, and I’m soon off to church to serve and worship my God.

It’s been a busy year really: in fact, I haven’t slept much since Thursday night. All because I chose to pursue a passion that’s higher than I, and to take it to the next level. And along the line I went, “who send me work sef?” And I just wanted to quit. 

But I thank God for seeing me through.

Last year, my Birthday Giveaway was a book. This year, it’s something even bigger… Something larger than I.

Today, I’m glad to present to you my pet project,!!! 

A little bit of history, it all started about this time last year when we felt the need for a platform which supports the Nigerian Dream and tells the true Nigerian success story.

A platform which supports startups, celebrates creativity and creates opportunities.

A place where talents are turned to skills, potentials are nurtured and released, 
An initiative which makes good publicity available to all – upcoming, or established and celebrated…

A place where buyers can meet sellers, authors can meet publishers, talents can meet promoters etc.

Together with my team, we are glad to present the platform for this today while we roll up our sleeves to work out our dream and yours too. 

And yes, there’s a birthday Goodie Bag: and this one is worth millions. Please follow this link for a chance to get your own share of my birthday goody bag. 
And many thatnks to the Dream Team for making this dream a reality (you’ll meet them soon) and to MamaJ (Joy Ogbebo) and MamaJsaviationblog for being the first to wish me a HBD yesterday.

Got to go now. Work begins full force tomorrow, and trust me to update you with my paparazzi runs during the week as usual.

Don’t forget to make my day by clicking here to join the tribe. Please visit for more information. Thanks for making my day always.

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