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Welcome To MY 2016!!!


At 13 days into the New Year, my year just began and it’s a joy to welcome you again to 2016!

The highlight of 2015 for me were those exciting Online Book Parties I hosted to mark the release of some of my eBooks. They were really exciting and each was a huge success. But what would I do without you? Again, I say Thanks friends for being my guest and for your support all the way!

So this is 2016: what am I up to this beautiful year?

I have a very busy,  but fun schedule for 2016 part of which includes:

  • launching more Book Series and releasing more titles,
  • assisting in expanding, promoting and making the secure distribution of eBooks more popular in my country,
  • launching another blog (which is actually more than a blog) to support a pet dream project (tell you more soon),
  • launching an e-zine which is still a part of the dream project I mentioned and
  • package some online courses and trainings (more details soon)

A whole lot will be coming from me this New Year by His grace and I will shed more light as the days unfold. Therefore, please watch out for a very fruitful and exciting year with me like never before!

I trust God for success and good speed while looking forward to your friendship and audience like never before to make each of these dreams a reality..

In the meantime,  here is saying a big THANK YOU for your friendship in times past while looking forward to many more glorious and fun filled years with you.

Love you friends!!!

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Funmi is an adept at Marketing, Content Creation and Writing. She creates marketing strategies, bespoke media content and digital solutions that help businesses improve their lead generation and conversion rates. Her vision is to help her clients exceed their ROI projection. When she's not working, she's busy listening to classical music whilst reading or writing another blog post, poem or devotional.


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