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#Storytime: It’s Beyond Our Prayers… The Golden Vial…

At just three days to the official release of Stepping Up To Be Seen (revised),  here is another short excerpt to whet your appetite.
This one teaches that the outcome of our prayers often goes beyond the act of praying. Please enjoy it and be transformed.

* * * * *


Jesus takes a long look into the golden vial and smiles. These are the earnest, effectual and fervent prayers of His saints on earth, who cry day and night for His intervention.

Nevertheless, the truth is that in almost all of the cases presented, the solution lies so close to the petitioner … Just a decision away.

And the whole of heaven is forever looking up to man to

make that decision,
make that choice,
take that stand,
take that step,
and make that move,

…even much more than man is looking up to Heaven for intervention.

Moreover, the Comforter never quits giving man the prompts, while the ministering spirits never quit setting the stage for several brilliant opportunities; but will man ever act…

Jesus looks away from the golden vial.  His face shines as the noon day sun with another brilliant smile as He looks up and beholds Zacchaeus amidst the crowd of frenzied angels and saints.


He calls out, His voice roaring like a clasp of thunder.

And immediately, Zacchaeus emerges before Him clothed in white from amongst the saints, as though pulled by a magnetic force towards Him.

“Here I am, Lord”, he says with excitement taking a quick bow before
literally jumping on His bosom.

“Behold the intercessions of saints in the realm of time”, Jesus says.

Then Zacchaeus and Jesus both take a look long into the vial and smile…

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