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Creativity Starts From The Mundane And Ordinary…



We learnt yesterday on our latest Topical Devotional, 7 Days on Developing An Innovative Spirit, that Innovation is the conversion of “Nothingness” into some “Tangible Value”.

We continue the discussion today by taking a look at Innovation from the Leadership point of view as defined by the legendary Steve Jobs. We then take it further afterwards by establishing that Creativity, an expression of the Innovative Spirit starts with our ordinary, mundane, sometimes even boring and maybe challenging daily routines.

As you read, please get ready to be transformed!

* * * * * 

Innovation, the conversion of the abstract to tangible valuable, is a must-have not only in management and business, but also in leadership.

Steve Jobs once said from a leadership standpoint,

Innovation distinguishes between …

How true!

Profound as it seems however, Innovation starts with little things we do in our everyday lives. For instance,… read the full post here

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