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7 Days On Developing An Innovation Spirit



Wisdom is not necessarily proportional to age,  education or exposure“, a paraphrase of Job 32:8-9 would read. “But there is a spirit in man and the Breath (Inspiration, Spirit) of the Almighty makes him innovative!

At work. In business. At home. In life generally.

For according to the Preacher and still paraphrasing, “An innovative man who resides in the village is more empowered (and therefore probably even better off) than ten mighty men in the city!” (Eccl. 7:19)

Furthermore as Albert Einstein once said, “We cannot solve a problem at the same level of thinking that started it.” Moreover,  we do not have to keep repeating history and reinventing the wheel.

…(We need) to break the jinx of the substandard life-as-usual so we can begin to live in the realm of the extraordinary.

Conclusively, the Innovative Spirit, an expression of  God’s manifold Wisdom, is a must-have to remain on the cutting edge in today’s hi-tech and jet-paced world. More essentially, the Innovative Spirit is also required to break the jinx of our substandard life-as-usual so we can begin to live in the realm of the extraordinary.

But what exactly is Innovation?  And how can one develop an Innovative Spirit?

Today,  we present to you yet another Topical Devotional. This one is entitled 7 Days on Developing An Innovative Spirit.

Enjoy it and you will be transformed!

Day 1: How Innovative Can You Be?

Day 2: Innovation is Creativity

Day 3: Creativity Redefined: A Colourful Twist To An Ordinary Life

Day 4: 3 Simple Steps To Developing A Creative Spirit

Day 5: If You’re Weak In Crisis…

Day 6: Beyond Comformity: Masters of Circumstances

Day 7: Three Ways To Be More Adaptive To Change


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