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Reasons You’d Love The Sweet Temptation (1): It’s a Literature…

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The Sweet Temptation, the first novel in our Daughters of Eve Fiction Series is more than a mere story. It is indeed an educative piece.

Written in formal language richly blended with informal everyday language sprinkled all over in a creative and exciting way while still giving all due respect to the rules of acculturated English, it is an interesting read indeed.

With an innovative play with words and ample use of figurative language like hyperbole, alliteration, onomatopoeia and the likes, it is a very educative piece and if you are a lover of English Literature, you’d absolutely love it!

Here is the prologue to show you what we mean. Enjoy it!

* * *


“The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ

 The Love of God and the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit…”

Kunle’s voice echoed through the small loud speakers as Ann walked out of the church auditorium through the side exit. The Praise City Mass Choir was rounding up their Weekend Rehearsals.

Boisterous sounds of trucks vrooming, bikes screeching and horns blaring drowned his voice as she hit the streets to take a cab home.

“That would be it!

She whispered, letting out a hot blast of breath between gnashed teeth with her fists clenched in determination.  She wasn’t returning to that choir again ever!  At least not in this life time…

Not that she loved God any less or lost any interest in music. However, once again that evening, Kunle had ‘rudely’ removed her from leading the Anniversary Anthem and replaced her with the girl– yes, that newest-kid-on-the-block who had just joined the choir few weeks back.

Ann used to be the lead Soprano. She was so talented that she unanimously attained the ‘Superstar’ status… the one everyone adored. Until this new whiz kid suddenly emerged from nowhere to dim her light and burst all her bubbles. In all things, she was always found better…

“She’s more comfortable on higher notes

“She is more flexible

“She is more expressive… more natural

“Her voice is better suited for that song…

“She can go an octave higher without screeching

“She hits her notes better

“She is the most spiritual member of this choir…

“She is this … she is that…


This is about the tenth time she would be superseding everyone else in the past one month. And Reverend Tunde, the General Overseer wasn’t helping matters too.

“She is so Talented… so anointed… so this… so that… “

Again today, She is the only one who deserves Kunle’s special treat after rehearsals …  And as it were, She had taken over all of Kunle’s attention and affection completely, a fact he wasn’t in any way denying…  Kunle who had been doting over only her – Ann…

She sighed pouting like an aggrieved little kid.

The protest had been on- going, and several ladies in the mass choir actually hated Kunle for the sudden drift. However, his reason was always that the girl was a better and more experienced singer than everyone else.

And actually, she was!

After rehearsals on days like these, Kunle would ask her to wait behind for ‘further instructions’ and would afterwards drop her home after taking her out for lunch to commend her effort.

Such an angelic talent shouldn’t be allowed to go hungry – you know…” Ann mockingly mimicked.


As for the girl, she was either totally oblivious of or didn’t give a hoot about the stir she was erupting …

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