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Epilogue: The Repercussion…



The Repercussion:

Kunle left the church auditorium with gorgeous and extremely cheerful Yetunde after choir rehearsals. They met Rita by the hallways leading to the car park and exchanged some very cold pleasantries: It hadn’t been the same between Kunle and her since the event of the proposal. Yetunde flashed her a toothy smile as they passed by.

I do understand he wouldn’t marry me anymore. I wouldn’t either. But why isn’t he warm towards me like before? Is he in love with Yetunde now (for they were always seen together recently…)? Are they dating? Rita wondered as she felt pangs of guilt and jealousy.

Kunle’s Side of the Story

Kunle had felt very insulted that fateful night. How dare any lady treat a marriage proposal with such disdain! Never in his entire life had he been so humiliated. All for love? Forget it! Even if a lady would say NO to a marriage proposal, there is an honourable way to do so.

And though he doubted he would ever fall out of love with Rita, for his heart still skipped a beat each time he sighted her, (including that evening despite being accompanied by an apparently more gorgeous Yetunde who could die for his hand in marriage) the rude rejection of his proposal was the show stopper.  Now he couldn’t marry her anymore. End of story! Not for all the gold in Saudi Arabia. He only hoped he would ever find another girl he would truly love…

Ego Trip?

Unknown to Rita, friends, pastors who knew about the impending affair and some other secret admirers had subtly inquired of them both and had even gone to pacify Kunle on her behalf secretly…

“Rita is a really nice girl. She’s just being a kid. Please be patient with her and with time, she would come to her senses.”

However, Kunle had stuck to his guns. “Yes, I love her deeply, but I cannot marry her anymore… Even if that means being celibate for life! And that is final!”

And everyone had felt he was merely being stubborn because of his bruised ego, and that he would calm down with time.

Nevertheless, Kunle wasn’t just being stubborn or egocentric, but was only being fair and sincere… For how could he marry a girl like Rita without having to live to justify his eligibility? His definition of life and marriage would then be proving to his own wife that he is man enough for her, which might necessitate him living in competition with her for the rest of their life.

It would be hard for him to be a good husband that way. If the married life was to be about proving a point, then more often than not, circumstances would warrant him being mean to the woman he loved so much. And he loved Rita too much to put her through that ordeal. He would rather let her go… Better to lose her to the man she truly loved than…

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