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You Must Arrest And Address The Situation!



Finally on 4 Days On Where Your Victory Lies In Crisis, please learn today the reason why you had to delay pressing the panic button and why you have to rejoice: so that you can get the perspectives needed for Damage Control.

For while a challenging period is not time to fret or panic, neither is it time to fold your hands and allow the storm to rage on. Sure you’d be blessed by this piece. And may you find the grace, strength and everything else required to not only arrest and address, but to also win over the situation as you read!

Please enjoy!

 * * *

…apart from holding on to your peace and not fretting as discussed in our previous posts Where Your Strength Lies In Crisis and How To Not Fret In Crisis, we need to move a step further and tackle the issue at hand just like the Lord Jesus did when faced with a crisis during His earthly tenure.

When the storm arose, Jesus AROSE too to address the situation.

As you’d notice in our text for today, apart from not fretting when His attention was drawn to the issue, Jesus did not just fold His hands and allow the storm to rage on.

Let’s put it this way… read more

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