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Build Up To Chapter 16: Daughters Of Eve (10)



When courtship precedes formal engagement as common in today’s world, topmost on the heart of ladies in such relationships is How do I know if this guy is taking me serious? One of the secret codes will be revealed as we unravel a similar mystery together in today’s story!

Still building up to Chapter 16 before I drop Daughters of Eve Season 1 as an e-book in my goody-bag, Please read along with me this evening Chapter 10: A Girl’s Place Value. Please enjoy!

… “Can’t you see he’s crazy about me or didn’t you notice how he couldn’t get his eyes off my ‘hot‘ legs?”…

Wise Up girl!!!” Rita had screamed almost knocking her on the head…

“When did lustful looks and rude passes become ways of validating a woman’s place in a man’s life?” Read more…

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