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Day 176: Not By Bread Alone


Deu 8:3 (GNB)… He did this to teach you that you must not depend on bread alone to sustain you, but on everything that the LORD says.

In our quest for survival, we labour so hard to make ends meet and to catch up with escalating living standards. We try so hard indeed, if by any chance we might find some sort of reward for our efforts, and attain some level of fiscal freedom.

While our pursuits are not wrong in themselves and are in fact necessary (in fulfillment of the fundamental law that he that would not work should not eat), there is a great tendency that in the midst of it all, we neglect God- the One who determines the outcome!

We are apt to put all our focus and confidence on our labour, sweat and struggles only.

But man shall not live by bread alone…

Likewise, our needs can never be met by money alone.

A man is never ‘made’ by his efforts alone and the outcome of our lives is not a function of our endeavors alone.

Besides no natural or earthy gain can cater for the very needs they are meant to meet on their own!

According to some recent research carried out by various institutions, Harvard Business School inclusive, executives from all walks of life are beginning to recognize and own up to the undeniable connection between success and the spirituality of man!

God recommends that we make fellowship with Him and His words our primary focus in life.

It took the children of Israel forty years of futility to learn this lesson, and the earlier we learn the same, the better we’d be for it!

How about creating a schedule to aid regular fellowship with God and the study of His word for the rest of the year?


Lord, today, I choose you above the various distractions of this life. Please grant as I seek you first and pay more attention to your undiluted word that I may find life in all its fullness, and fulfillment beyond what my efforts and struggles can fetch me in Jesus name I ask it. Amen

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Day 176: Not By Bread Alone.


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