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Day 175: You Will Have The Last Laugh



Matthew 24:13 (ESV) but he who stands firm to the end will be saved.   

Continuing with Lessons Learnt from the Parable of Labourers in the Vineyard, the first and second lessons respectively being that You Will Be Paid For Waiting, and that You Will Be Paid In Full also, the Third Lesson to be learnt is that You Will Have The Last Laugh for You Will Be Paid First.

When evening came, the owner of the vineyard said to his foreman, ‘Call the workers and pay them their wages, beginning with the last ones hired and going on to the first.’  Matthew 20:8 (ESV)

The  fact that those who were hired last were paid first in this context shows that it there is something as valuable to the Lord as starting early and starting well.  That is to say,  regardless of how early or well one starts,  it is enduring the process even when it seems nothing is happening, staying through and ending well that counts!

Consequently, we can conclude that those who keep waiting and trusting on the lord in spite of delays will have the last laugh, for all their waiting years will be fully restored to them and the last shall be first on pay day!

Therefore, if you are experience a kind of delay and life seems to be passing you by because there are people around who have  achieved things you wish for and left you behind, do not despair. Keep holding on and waiting, for very shortly, the Lord will visit you too!

Above all, you shall have the last laugh on pay day because, you will be paid for waiting,  you will be paid in full and you will be paid first, provided you wait till the end!


Lord,  I’m so thrilled to know that not only wilI l be paid for waiting patiently when my desired change finally comes, and not only will I also be fully paid, but I shall also be paid FIRST when my turn finally comes! For all this, I can never thank You enough!

And so Lord, when I experience delays in life, and people around seem to be leaving me behind, please strengthen my heart and keep me in faith. Keep me praying. Keep me trusting. Keep me hoping. Keep me serving. Keep me waiting for my turn till the very end!

Above all, on that day when my much desired change comes knocking,  may I still be found waiting.  Amen!

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