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I Remember: Two Successive Surgeries…



I’m sharing these testimonies to let someone know that regardless of how dark it is today, there is light at the end of the tunnel. This too shall pass, and you will look back someday and testify…

I remember how once while heavily pregnant, an irregular growth was suddenly discovered within my upper jaw bone which a surgery would be required to extract: and experts said it was a potential hazard. However, they couldn’t do anything but manage the condition because I was pregnant.

My, those were extremely dark and gloomy days! It was like my entire world stood still.

I’m sure readers in the medical practice do understand this well and might even wonder why the fuss, but for me, it was really big deal. You can imagine how worrisome such a thing would be for any pregnant woman. I was scared. I was helpless, and as far as I was concerned, life would end soon. The fear alone was enough to kill…

I don’t know if anyone has ever gone through the agony of not being able to dream of life beyond now. A challenging pregnancy for a working-class woman is a handful enough, fancy the baggage of extra complications. I could only keep praying- asking the Lord over and over if I would ever survive.

And that particular pregnancy was really tough. I was plagued with issues at work and everywhere as the pregnancy came unexpectedly at a very critical time in my career. If only people had a glimpse into what was actually eating me up, sure things would have been much better. But no one knew.

I remember how barely four weeks after delivering my baby via a Caesarian Section during which the anaesthesia almost knocked the life out of me (which itself is another testimony) I had to go in for another surgery: a real time surgery this time. Real time because I would have to stay conscious all through the surgery, probably so that I wouldn’t choke on particles of my flesh and my own blood.

I remember running out of the procedure room upon sighting the scary equipment which would be use on me- whatever they are called.

I remember pacing up and down the hallway and visiting the ladies many times while the surgical team kept assuring me that all would be well; until the consultant finally threatened to bill us for extra time if I didn’t cooperate, which was when I committed the procedure to God for the last time and summoned some courage to face the drill and chisels…

 I remember hearing my bones crack as the doctor drilled and chiselled through my skull. And how could I ever forget the bitter taste of chunks of my own flesh mingled with blood and the vibration of my entire skull as my upper jaw was ripped open and the drill ripped through my inner mouth.

When I was eventually sewn up after the about the full hour the surgery lasted, which of course for me was like eternity, my mouth looked like a shredded piece of cloth inside and I wondered if I would ever heal without any scars. However, to the awe of the experts, my family and me, I did not feel any pain at all after the surgery when the effect of the anesthesia had waned- contrary to my doctor’s predictions, who had also asked me to eat well before the surgery as I might not be able to eat for days after for the pain.

I ate without any stress much earlier than expected, and I’ve been eating ever since. Better still, I never felt a single pain till date. Not a headache, no pain at all! The best part of the story is I healed fast and perfectly. Contrary to the devil’s nagging lies that I would never make it through that web of issues, I’m still alive today testifying.

Now isn’t the Lord awesome!

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2 comments on “I Remember: Two Successive Surgeries…

  1. Joy Ogbebo
    November 26, 2015

    This is an awesome read and quite inspiring….God lives…and Heals.. Doctors only treat.Thanks for sharing…

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    • Funmi Adebayo
      November 26, 2015

      Thanks for visiting my blog MamaJ and I’m so glad you loved this piece.


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