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Day 116: A Colourful Twist To An Ordinary Life… Creativity Redefined


John 7.38 (GW) …”Streams of Living Water will flow from deep within the person who believes in me.”

Naturally, people tend to view creativity through the lens of stupendous display of talent, and in terms of great inventions alone…

Contrary to popular opinion however, creativity is expressed in the little things we do in our everyday lives.

It is the magic wand which gives a colourful twist to the otherwise ‘dry’ details of our daily lives.

For instance, creativity is articulated in our daily lives each time we

– see old regular things in new light
– see new opportunities in routine and mundane (i.e. ordinary) things of everyday life
– see fresh possibilities in seemingly challenging situations and difficulties we face.

Therefore, we need to start discovering new and exciting prospects to our everyday lives and circumstances for innovation to be evident through us.


Lord, Open my eyes of understanding, and let me begin to see fresh opportunities, great possibilities, exciting twists to mundane, ordinary, and even challenging everyday events and circumstances surrounding my life. Amen.

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Excerpted from A Colourful Twist To An Ordinary Life… Creativity Redefined by Funmi Adebayo. View full article here.

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