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Dear Diary: Ooopsss! I Set The House A-smoking!


“Manage four real-time blogs at a time? Then you must be damned busy!” Friends often exclaim.

Each time I hear that I wonder, “Am I busy really?”

In all honesty, I do not think so. Truth is I do not see writing and blogging as work. For me writing is a passion, a delight… Something more than a pleasure. And relating it to service and ministry to God and humanity? Nothing on earth can be more fulfilling!

Writing is what I’d rather do than work in the office. It’s what I often find myself doing and what I try to keep myself from doing when I should be balancing accounts, taking stocks and inventory or building another Retail Solution for a client (true confessions)

Now, Retailing, building Retail Solutions, Accounting, Customer Care, Cooking, House chores etc. (some of which activities I really do enjoy doing to some extent, and some of which I’d rather not touch with a long spoon) are for me the real work.

If there’s any psychological term for the love of writing, blogging and literature, any _______mania  (I’d have to check with a psychologist cause) I’m really hoping I don’t have it. But if it’s a good thing, then why not..?

But writing? That’s what I’d do with all pleasures if left alone in a desert island. Just be kind enough to please leave me my Bible, my darling Hubby and boys for the physical and emotional cushion effect; and a good supply of food and water; then what’s left? Yes, a good phone, internet, a bridge and a speed boat so we and everyone else can move in and out – and I’d be just fine.

I’d rather write than have my bath and apply those splashes of colours, blushes, mascaras and shimmers to my face. Don’t get me wrong, I still do all those things, even to the point of looking like a dolly- I can be very vain sometimes! But the fact is, I’d rather burst it all to create more time for my secret love: writing!

So how could I ever be burdened with writing? Writing is what I do to relax when I’m done with all the haaaarrrrrrrddddd work- the ones which keep me really ‘busy’. Writing is how I catch my fun. For me, it is synonymous to playing.

Friends often say I can be pleasantly weird sometimes. The reason? Please take a wild guess.

OK. Let me help: For me life is one big drama and each of us are simply just playing out some role per time generally, and sometimes, specifically. Hmmm….Won’t say too much…

It’s that fun!

If there’s any psychological term for the love of writing, blogging and literature, any _______mania  (I’d have to check with a psychologist cause) I’m really hoping I don’t have it. But if it’s a good thing, then why not..? As long as it keeps me being a channel of blessing to God and man, then I’d gladly have it a million times over.

Now I Need A Smoke Detector


Now back to this morning, hubby was out early at dawn and that gave me the liberty to prepare breakfast at my leisure. So I chose to do house chores first.

My boys settled for bread, egg and cocoa while I chose to prepare white rice.

While rice was cooking in the kitchen and I was taking a short rest, I stumbled upon this new blogging tool and was so hooked on signing up and getting some unique template that I literally forgot about breakfast.

I smelt it,  but was too engrossed with my new found love to pay attention.

I heard the boys coughing but I was too preoccupied to really notice.

Then suddenly, I looked up and behold my entire house was filled with smoke with my boys coughing and puffing.

I dashed into the kitchen and my pot was black with my breakfast burnt into ashes- as burnt offering to the atmosphere.


All for the love of blogging… God save me! I sure need to have a smoke detector installed ASAP.

Now am I not a writo-blogo-maniac?

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