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Daughters of Eve Chapter 8: A Proposal Turned Sour

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A ‘Strategic’ Distraction

While Rita was still pondering and battling with her web of imaginary fears, Richard showed up just in time as it were and swept her totally off her feet, suffocating every feelings she thought she ever had for Kunle to such an extent that, if anything, she was left with a feeling of total disgust for the poor guy afterwards.

Suddenly, he wasn’t good enough, smart enough or fun enough anymore.

More history: Richard had just relocated from the UK when they had met, having just concluded his MBA from the prestigious London Business School. He had vast experience in Business Development and Project Management, and had held several positions in the Oil and Gas, and Finance sectors before travelling to conclude his MBA. Being one of the very best in his field, Richard Robinsons® had actually hunted him down to LBS and offered him a mouth-watering contract upon the completion of his MBA. He was an extremely brilliant executive, and Richard Robinsons® hired only the best!

As regards Christianity and spirituality however, Richard though a Christian by birth and from an Anglican family, was not a church guy. He just couldn’t understand the concept of fellowship and service, and couldn’t stand the way people flocked together and in his words,  ‘patrolled’ church every now and then, especially in the new generation Church circle. ‘Idleness and nothing more’ was how he viewed it.

He was the type of guy who clubbed on Friday nights, partied on Saturdays but attended church religiously every Sunday. And though not in any serious relationship not having found a wife material, he had few female company who warmed his bed occasionally. In any case, he had a very good family background: his parents had a strong marriage with two sons, him being the first. His junior brother Jude lived in the US.

However, Richard was a moralist. The guy was principled to a fault. He had many church friends, just that he felt his worldly friends were more sincere with him and with themselves than most church folks were.

For this and many other reasons, he preferred to remain an Anglican as in his own words, the ‘pressure’ to ‘keep patrolling church’ was relatively less in that circle; therefore, he had never for once considered leaving his church for any other Christian setting.

However, Richard had no commitment to God whatsoever besides Sunday service. Even the Anglican Youth Fellowship ‘thing’ irritated him. And he just couldn’t understand why such a pretty girl as Rita would spend her entire life in church going from meeting to meeting day in day out. The Nigerian factor he had tagged it. To him, Nigerians are religious to a fault.

Anyways, time would tell. Once she agreed to marry him, the first thing he would ensure was to place an embargo on her church involvement. Once a week should be okay. Maybe enrolling her in a music school in London would aid… read more…

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