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Daughters of Eve (7): The Love Triangle

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Beauty and Brains:

Rita, however, wasn’t in the least bothered about her friends’ convictions. She wasn’t even in the flow of that evening’s gist at all as she was preoccupied with her own worries; kind of caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Her Dilema?


It was Richard.

Rita had fallen head over heels in love with Richard. She had never felt this way for any man in her twenty six years of existence. The guy had simply swept her off her feet since knowing him about ten months earlier. And the truth was that family and the recent out turn of events around her, including the eye-opener encounter they had with Teddy the previous day weren’t helping matters at all.

A few months earlier, Rita had succeeded in securing a permanent placement with Richard Robinsons®, having come out tops of the seven Corp Members considered for permanent employment. The seven prospects had been scored on punctuality, quality of work, commitment, loyalty, compliance with company policies and innovation, and two of them had scaled through with Rita coming out tops.

She had achieved this feat by proposing a Service Improvement Plan which had initiated some cost saving measures. The SIP had helped the company recover N2 million monthly at testing phase, and would recover a prospective monthly average of N5 million on full implementation.

Relatively minute one might be tempted to say, but huge considering that this effort came from a starter in an organisation where executives with donkey years of experience, (especially those in the habit of speaking such big English terminologies as strategically, holistically, pragmatically, and all the-icallys and -isms of the English vocabulary; words which tend to make executives sound more intelligent that they really are) hadn’t been able to monetize their expertise let alone recover a thousand Naira for the company!

In industries where the core business is not technology, and where technology exists only as a tool to support operation, there is great tendency for departments  like the IT Organisation to be Cost Centres as opposed to Revenue-Generation Centres – a reason why Richard Robinsons® had things like Value for Money and Innovation on their list of Core Values.

Being an IT Service company, the major goal was to add value to the operation of their customers by helping them reduce Operational Costs and Maximize  Profit. The company for this reason had an eye for extremely clever executives, who beyond having University Certificates and Professional Certifications possessed the ability to think outside-the-box, to innovate, to deliver results and above all, to translate their efforts into tangible monetary values seamlessly.

More particularly, Richard Robinsons® hunted for cunning executives who could help change the general paradigm and prove to the world that the IT Organisation doesn’t have to be a Cost Centre!

The directors had no time for ostentatious display of skills or knowledge, and sweat which cannot translate to value. They cared just for one thing: Result. Visible result.

Besides, they hired based on just one thing: Result!


Rita had met their criteria perfectly, and had earned herself permanent employment and something even more: she had been offered employment on a grade level higher than entry level on merit! She surely deserved it for such a fantastic performance.

The Love Drama begins:

Richard, 30, the new Business Development Manager, offered tremendous support to Rita throughout the project. In those days, Rita had been too much of a good girl to have made any strong first impressions on Richard. Initially, he had eyed her flat mate Faith whom he knew would sure play ball without much persuasion. It was obvious her guards were very low.

However, the magnetic effect of Rita’s charm had played out on him as they kept travelling to work together. And then, his involvement in Rita’s project had made him realise how brilliant she really was.

And as he was soon to discover, Rita was also a Christian indeed. Not as a matter of title – her walk with God was real and visible. She attributed all her success to the Holy Spirit and would never agree to take any step without asking for the Spirit’s guidance first (whatever that meant… In Richard’s own thinking).

She was the type who would make one wish for what she had as she really loved the Lord and it showed.

Moreover, Richard also loved Rita for her musical talent. Actually, Rita was an award-winning singer and song writer in the making and she belonged to the top ten in the 800 man choir of her church!

More about Richard later…

On Rita’s part, she had known Richard for over ten months now, and had loved him almost at first sight. She had however been smart enough to disguise her feelings and not to discuss it with any of her friends.

…her mum always cautioned against such lopsided and ungrounded opinions

The first reaction had been the temptation to start avoiding him, but that wasn’t possible because she really needed his assistance to get to work early in those days. Besides, she was absorbed into the Enterprise Solutions Unit some weeks … Read more

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