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Daughters of Eve Series…

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Daughters Of Eve ReloadedAbout Daughters of Eve

‘Daughters of Eve’ is a series designed to bring out and address everyday issues that are common to ladies this part of the globe- single and married alike.

It’s a quick highlight of some innocent mistakes ladies make, and the dire but avoidable consequences these errors have on their relationships- presently and in future.

This particular series is not about any particular human hero or heroine, but a serial meant to showcase common issues educated women face in my country in a comical way and practical tips on how to handle such.

While the characters will still align as the story unfolds, readers are to please note that this piece is more about the lessons and principles behind each episode.

However, I am working on a set of NOVELS, I.e. A fiction series inspired by audience response to this series, which is due very shortly. I bet you can’t wait to see it!

Please download your FREE copy of my first book here to register your interest in my work, and do note that each free download gives me the courage to add another line to my novels … And who knows, you could get a coupon to download my novels free if you send in your comments to the emails given at the end of the book *giggles.

Meanwhile, relax and enjoy Daughters of Eve.

Chapter One: The Sweet Temptation

Chapter Two: A Tale of Two Couples

Chapter Three: What’s a Girl to Do

Chapter Four: To Tell or Not to Tell

Chapter Five: A Bad Day for Rose

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