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Down But Not Out…

Ezekiel 37:3 (KJV)…can these bones live? …

It’s been a year indeed!

And with recent news of pay cuts, mass retrenchment, company closures, bankruptcy, failing health, failed relationships, and of course the very scary cases of divorce (even among the reputable and respectable) and the likes in the air, we can rightly guess that many more people are depressed at this time than ever before in history.

The truth remains however that while we cannot always stop life from happening (naturally, or due to our own imperfections and errors), every man possesses the ability to set his sails accordingly, so as to keep forging ahead despite and in the midst of it all.

As a matter of fact beyond ability, this survival challenge has become the responsibility of every individual. In other words, it is the duty of every man to pick himself up and get going despite the wind that life blows.

Our very existence depends on this. It’s a swim or sink, live or die situation, and those who fail to understand this will be extinguished and deleted from life definitely- take it or leave it!

In other words summarily, while it’s one thing to be down, it’s another to be out! And those who fail to paddle upstream will be overwhelmed and destroyed in the sea of life. God forbid!

The first thing anyone going through any of these things needs to know is this: regardless of the issue, irrespective of how long you’ve been there, and in spite of its decadence level or the depth of resulting complications, RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE!

Moreover, it is important to know that the most critical factor to recovery at times like this is the invincible spirit, the ‘bounce on the inside’- regardless of the amount of pressure a man is subject to!

Please enjoy our new DOWN BUT NOT OUT series to illustrate these points.

This series, which will run from now till year end, will sure jump start your recovery and restore you to the paths of life, such that you’d be able to start and face 2013 with new vigor and fresh hopes by His grace.

Sure you’d be blessed!


Bartimaeus was terribly down.


And so wretched was he that not even his name (which has left theologians confused till date) mattered.

Blind, broke, rejected, relegated and overlooked by the society, as though he never even existed- His case was pathetic indeed!

Worse still, the general public permitted him no true or real identity, but rather preferred to tag him with three things: …

To be continued…

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