Day 86: Something Unearned And Unprecedented



Luk 2:52(KJV) And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.
Favour means unmerited, undeserved, unearned goodwill. It is the virtue which draws unprecedented, unexpected help towards God’s children. It is the virtue through which all things work together for our good- regardless of all odds, and right in their faces.
For example, the word of God says that when the ways of a man pleases the Lord, he makes even his enemies to be at peace with him (Prov. 16.7). Now that’s favour.


Favour with God attracts favour with men.
The help of God attracts the help of men.

We see this demonstrated in Jacob’s life when he worked with shrew and manipulative Laban. Each time Laban changed his wage, everything worked together to yield exactly the new remuneration- so much that Jacob ended up far richer than his wicked boss. Now that’s favor!

Whenever he said, ‘The speckled ones will be your wages,’ all the flocks gave birth to speckled young. And whenever he said, ‘The striped ones will be your wages,’ all the flocks gave birth to striped young. Gen 31:8 (GW)

Increase in favour is God’s will for His children. In fact, we do understand by the word of God, that the moment Jesus started appearing before God, He began to experience remarkable growth in certain key areas, favour inclusive.

Jesus grew in favour with God and men!
Another man who grew in favour daily is David. The word of God says that daily, help located him until his army was as large as God’s own army.

For … day by day there came to David to help him, until it was a great host, like the host of God. 1Chr.12:22 (KJV)

Now that’s favour.

Favour with God attracts favour with men.
The help of God attracts the help of men.
Would you like to …read more

Day 85: Shaping Your Tomorrow Today



Gen 8:22 (MKJV) While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.

What seeds are you sowing towards the next three, six months; one, two, five, ten years of your life?

Your seed is the only visible bridge or link between your present life and your Next Level- the only thing you possess today which God can work with to unlock your desired future!

Even though you cannot see your future from here and now literally, you can actually pattern your life towards the kind of future you want by just one thing: Your seed!

to … reap the harvest of a fruitful life in the nearest future, you need to start sowing positively and actively from today!

According to Pastor Francis Adebayo of Harvest Place Lagos, to be ‘seedless’ is to leave your future to chances. How very true!

Seeds are not only monetary or material, and they do not answer to only financial and material needs. As you’ll discover subsequently in our #SeedSeries, seeds take several different formats.

to be ‘seedless’ is to leave your future to chances!
– Francis Adebayo

Moreover, seeds do more than answer to human needs. They determine our future directly and every one of our life-outcomes depends on them!

Dr. David Oyedepo once said that to be ‘seedless’ is to be ‘fruitless’!

The seed principle is one of the fundamental principles set by God to govern life and the existence of man; moreover, as long as the earth remains, seedtime and harvest will never cease!

to be ‘seedless’ is to be ‘fruitless’
-Bishop David Oyedepo

To connect to and reap the harvest of a fruitful life in the nearest future, you need to… read more…

Day 84: Have You Started Your Dress Rehearsal?



Gen. 17:5 (GW) So your name will no longer be Abram (Exalted Father), but Abraham (Father of Many) because I have made you a father of many nations.

Welcome to #NextLevelSeries!

You sure need a dress rehearsal for your Next level in life. You need to be mentally prepared for that level to get there!

God gave Abram a new name so he would stop seeing himself as he was, but as he could be. Likewise, you need to start projecting yourself into your Next Level and seeing yourself not just as you are, but as you can be!

If you are going to move on up you had better start practicing now…If you look as if you’ve been promoted, chances are you will be.
– Richard Templar

When attending special events, people normally dress up to suit the occasion regardless of where they are coming from. It is however surprising to discover that in life, people are excellent at getting dressed for where they are. We are not trained to …read more

Just A Little Yeast


Mat 13:33 (KJV) Another parable spake he unto them; The kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven, which a woman took, and hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened.

The depth of decadence in our society is both intimidating and alarming. Imagine the recent twist to our national security.

Truth to tell, things got to this state because ‘ordinary’ men have always underrated the power of their ‘little’ contributions – hence they stop trying altogether!


For evil sure triumph where good men do nothing!
-Edmund Burke

In any case, what God requires of our nation is not too much:


A few good men
  to stress the truth

A few praying men
  to stand in the gap…

A few upright men
  to uphold the arm of justice

A few hopeful people
  to dream of a brighter tomorrow…


Little noble acts

Little brave tendencies

Little words of faith

Little deeds of kindness

Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.
Romans 12:21(KJV)

Small men
  resisting inequality

Ordinary men
  standing against corruption

Common men
  rising against oppression

Everyday people
  insisting on righteousness

A few strong voices
  to speak for the poor

A few strong structures
  to support the human family


May the little good deeds of the few good men and women amidst us total to affect the whole society by Your power …

Please grant that our collective ‘few‘ acts of righteousness adds up to exalt this nation and attract Your Supreme intervention!


Funmi Adebayo (c) 2013

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Day 83: You Need To Be Versatile



Eph 3:10 (KJV) To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God
How resourceful or versatile are you on your job, in business, and in life generally? Do you possess dexterity?
If there is one attribute we should all stretch beyond our comfort zones to attain, especially in this jet-paced age, it’s versatility.

…The person who is versatile has more going for him than a guy who does just one thing
– Terence Newman

According to, versatile means
-competent in many things;
-able to turn easily from one subject or occupation to another;
-adaptable to many uses or functions.
Related words include adaptable, all-round, handy, multipurpose, flexible, resourceful, dexterous, multifaceted, talented, ingenious, varied.
Versatility dictates that we are very fluid and well suited for more than one functions or roles on our jobs and in any team or group we work with.

… he who is loaded is always needed.

It dictates that we have a broad knowledge of and can communicate freely on a varied number of subjects.
This quality calls for greater exposure to information and knowledge, as well as greater awareness- socially, politically and in all our fields of endeavor. The key words are broader knowledge and greater exposure.

… forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Php 3:13-14 (KJV)

Terence Newman, an American soccer cornerback, talking about what it takes to win …read more

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