And The Sweet Temptation Goes LIVE on Okada Books!!!


I am glad to inform you friends, that The Sweet Temptation, the first novel in my Daughters of Eve Fiction Series is now LIVE on OKADA BOOKS.

Android users please download from here and if you do not have the Okada Book app, you can also view on your PC from here.

Remember it’s free till August 31, so go download your copy and let the Online Part begin NOW!

PDF and ePub versions soon.

Here Is To Y’all…

NEWEST Poster REALLYThis is for y’all
Paddling against the high tides of life
Battling to keep it working
Labouring to get it right
Like me…

We make mistakes and get hurt
We make wrong choices and get burnt
We fall and rise again
We gain some and lose some
But that’s just fine…

For we are never alone but surrounded
By a great cloud of witnesses
Who walked and still walk
The same paths
Battled or still battle
The same pains
Won and still win
The same struggles
And more importantly
By That never changing One
Who despite all
Loves us more than anything else
In the world.

Please cheer up sister-
You weren’t made to break!
Keep the hopes high
And the heads up-
For just a little while
And everything will be alright!

You shall overcome!

Funmi Adebayo 

ATTENTION – My new Book Daughters Of Eve Season 1 entitled “The Sweet Temptation” is now unveiling and will be due for download from August 27.

I shall be giving it FREE to say “Thank You” for your audience in commemoration of my birthday due August 28. Since you may not be able to attend my party, I decided to bring it online to share my goody-bag (party-pack) with y’all. Please make my day by downloading my goody-bag.

I will post download links for Android and iPad/iPhone users (ePub version), Kindle and PDF versions from August 27. It’s my way of saying, “Thanks a bunch for your cherished audience”.

The Eavesdroppers: Another Preview of Chapter 16…

Now LIVE on Okada Books

Now LIVE on Okada Books

Bela and Michael said good-byes after a brief introduction when service ended. Michael was the handsome guy who had mistakenly bumped into her during service earlier that day. He would have dropped her off, for she came without her car, but Bela had politely declined with an excuse, not wanting to look desperate. Therefore, they just exchanged contacts and agreed to catch up somewhere later on in the evening.

Afterwards, Bela took the passage to the Church office blocks to catch up with Rita for a ride home. She had caught a glimpse of her taking that bend, and it didn’t seem she would be waiting for the next service that day.

On getting there, she peeped and saw Rita pacing up and down the corridor to Mummy’s office.

“What’s up Rita? I’ve been spying on you for the past five minutes. What are you up to? Why are you pacing up and down like an expectant father?”

“Bela!!!!” Rita exclaimed. “How could you come to church in this!” She screamed examining her quizzically.

Babe, abeg leave that one…” She snapped jokingly. “Are you OK?”

Hmmmm… Not quite” Rita replied without thinking.

“See Bela, a lot is going on with me right now and I really need to talk to someone” she blurted, “only that I don’t know whom to talk to”

“With all the pastors and matured people around you?” Bela asked surprised

“Agreed Bela, but would they understand? Could they ever?”

“Hush!” Bela suddenly said blocking Rita’s mouth with her hand as though trying to catch up on something. Rita objected, but she hushed her again,

“Just listen”.

Mummy’s conversation with two other pastor’s wives seeped through the doorway filtering into the passage as the door to her office was slightly open.

They were chatting away excitedly.

“Bela, you know it’s wrong to eavesdrop…” Rita begun again…

“Hush! Just listen …”

Rita’s curiosity had gotten the best of her and she obeyed gullibly…

Mummy, I tire o… only God knows what the world is turning to. An increasing number of young women are attesting to illicit affairs… I was listening to Heart Issues on Country FM the other day and Mummy, you really should know how many ladies called in to narrate their ordeals and seek help from their struggles……

“The sad thing is there was really no tangible help- just outright condemnations or poor-you’s, pats on the back, even some kudos and everything-is-going-to-be-alright’s from other callers…” Pastor Sade said.

“How carnal can you be! You mean you listen to such ungodly and unspiritual stuff on the radio …While souls are perishing…?” exclaimed Pastor Dorcas.

“Don’t judge so fast dear…” Mummy cut in to save the day. “While you may not be fanatical about such programs, neither should you totally block your ears nor close your eyes to any platform where everyday people seek help from their struggles and real-life predicaments…

“For all you care, some of those callers are hidden among the happy faces who smile radiantly at you every single day …”

“I guess she’d probably just faint should her house help confide in her that she just had an abortion right under her probing nose…” Sade teased tickling Dorcas…

“I reject that in Jesus’ name!” Dorcas quickly interjected snapping her fingers vehemently.

At this, Rita and Bela couldn’t help laughing…

“…now beware of ‘jestings which are not convenient’ as Paul exhorted”. Mummy scolded cheerily and the women laughed heartily as they made for the door to attend the next service barely missing the two naughty friends who had scurried out of the way.

Definitely, Rita had heard more than enough to confirm whom …

Want more?

The Sweet Temptation which is now LIVE on Okada Books.

In case you are yet to download,  hurry to get your copy of the novel now that it’s still FREE! Here is the Download Link.

Please Download Your Goody Bag (Party Pack)


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It’s officially my birthday and life begins for me today, you know what I’m saying? 

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And Here is Chapter 16: A Trip To Paradise

Now LIVE on Okada Books

Now LIVE on Okada Books

Thanks for Building Up with me to Chapter 16 dear friends, and finally, it’s published in The Sweet Temptation which is now LIVE on Okada Books.Download links for ePub and PDF versions will be published soon

In case you are yet to download, here is a preview of Chapter 16. Enjoy it, and do hurry to get your copy of the novel now that it’s still FREE!

* * *

Sometime around summer, Rita was on board a flight to Johannesburg on a supposed official trip for some Training to aid her COBIT 5 IT Governance Certification. She was now moving very fast up the career ladder at work and had made it to the rank of a Supervisor within two years of post-NYSC employment. That was no small feat in a company like Richard Robinson- a place where staffs were appraised purely on merit; especially at a time in the company’s history when there was an obvious but silent embargo on recruitment; a time when getting promoted was more difficult than pushing the proverbial camel through the needle’s eye.

In any case, only people like Rita, Richard, Angela and a few other extremely conscientious staffs scaled through despite all odds.

So here she was on a trip to the HQ for this all-important mid-summer training. As it turned out however, there actually was no such training on that particular occasion. Richard it was who had meticulously cooked it all up, for he had something up his sleeves.

Rita smelt a rat when he had unexpectedly showed up on board, but had regained her composure when he had feigned a surprise at the coincidence – for according to him, he too was on one of his impromptu business trips to hook up a potential client for Richard Robinsons.

“That heck of a company where we are all thoroughly overworked…”

“…and also thoroughly over-rewarded” Rita had promptly replied and they had both laughed.

Richard wasn’t booked to seat next to her. However, he was able to manoeuvre his way to occupy the sit beside his ‘sweetheart’ somehow.

About the third hour mid-air after much ‘gist’ about work and their respective official trips, the Public Address system suddenly came alive with Rita’s favourite love song- Brian Mcknight’s “For the Rest of My Life” (Definitely not Richard’s though)

Star light, star bright,
Have you ever felt the way I feel tonight?
Sparkle in your eyes, as the diamond shines,
Guaranteeing that you’ll always be mine.
Let me tell you, for the rest of my life I’ll be true.
Here to tell you this evening,
And the rest of my days and nights belong to you.
You can believe that there ain’t nothing in this world that I’d rather do.
Now and forever my heart belongs to you.
Now and forever, for the rest of my life I love you.

Afterwards, the pilot’s voice had broken in and requested everyone’s attention as though to announce some kind of a technical hitch or approaching turbulence; he had then gone on to seek their permission to “deliver a short message on behalf of a certain man to the woman he has chosen to tag his ‘goddess’ tonight… and to whom he is dedicating the lyrics of the background song” he had announced.

“These Oyinbos can be weird sha…” Rita had exclaimed, taking in the entire drama, for there were many whites on board the same flight.

“Why should a man’s message to his whatever be our headache? Can’t they talk to each other at home?  Interesting…” she had gone on wondering aloud.

“Like rainbow across the grey cloud after a stormy rain…

“Like blue heavens o’er enchanted isles

“Like the full moon brightening up a dark starless night

“You light up my world girl and loving you is paradise…

Will you marry me?”

Everyone had clapped then suddenly, the entire Cabin Crew had appeared in smiles with a bouquet of flowers and a small platter on which was a diamond studded 24-carat gold ring. Rita sat startled and bewildered as they walked straight towards where she…

Care for more? Please view or download your free copy from Okada Books here

Another Foretaste: Prologue …

Launching at 4pm today. 5% loading...

Launching at 4pm today. 5% loading…

As earlier mentioned, Daughters of Eve Season 1 novel tagged “The Sweet Temptation” has lots more content than what you’ve read on the Daughters Of Eve Blog online. Part of the extra content readers should expect include the a prologue and an epilogue… and more…

Never mind, in just two hours, we’ll be launching LIVE. In the meantime however, here is another foretaste…

* * *

“The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ

 The Love of God and the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit…”

Kunle’s voice echoed through the small loud speakers as Ann walked out of the church auditorium through the side exit. The Praise City Mass Choir was rounding up their Weekend Rehearsals.

Boisterous sounds of trucks vrooming, bikes screeching and horns blaring drowned his voice as she hit the streets to take a cab home.

“That would be it!

She whispered, letting out a hot blast of breath between gnashed teeth with her fists clenched in determination. She wasn’t returning to that choir again ever!  At least not in this life time…

Not that she loved God any less or lost any interest in music. However, once again that evening, Kunle had ‘rudely’ removed her from leading the Anniversary Anthem and replaced her with the girl– yes, that newest-kid-on-the-block who had just joined the choir few weeks back…

Want more? Then you need to download the full novel for the full gist. Download links will be published at 4pm prompt. Thanks for staying tuned.


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