Daughters Of Eve Chapter 9: When Life Take A New Turn…

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Be not deceived:evil communications corrupt good manners.
- 1 Corinthians 15:33

Adebimpe pulled over at Ikeja City Mall and stepped out of her Mercedes 20140418-215115.jpg

Benz Jeep in a skimpy pink flowery hip dress and a thick pair of black leggings. She picked up her hand bag, locked up and cat-walked gracefully across the spacious car park.

It was a cloudy Sunday afternoon, and a fresh cool breeze slapped her pretty face as the wind whistled by.

It felt like a kiss from heaven and she shivered as the chill of it bathed her soft chocolate skin.

Her 24-inch Brazilian hair was fully let down, but held in place with a shiny Alice Band. A thin gold chain adorned her long neck. She didn’t care much for hand chains, but had a matching piece as an anklet stylishly showed off by her matching pump sandals. With a matching pair of tiny stud earrings and a casual Aldo wrist watch to compliment, she looked gorgeous indeed.

And why not?

For the very first time in twelve months, she felt very much at peace:

With life and herself.
With God and the rest of creation.


A little child once described forgiveness as that point in time when you stop feeling angry. In that context, she wasn’t angry with herself anymore; nor with anyone else. She had totally forgiven all involved in the drama of her recent past, and that included herself and everyone else; and as at now, she had no iota of resentment or grudges towards anyone.

She had let go of the traumatic pains completely, and had simply moved on. And the best part of it all was the fact that she could now relate to life without any iota of shame, regret or bitterness. She was free at last. Free indeed to give full expression to whom God had made her to be without holding back. Without reservations. No apologies.

This feeling of liberty and tranquility kind of gave her an air of confidence, with springs to her steps and grace to her strides. She could walk head up and shoulders high now.

And to crown it all, SOJ had stood facing her, looked her straight in the eyes and told her how much he loved her just that morning!

And that had sounded like some sweet melody in her ears and set the butterflies in her tummy a-flying; for sincerely, she hadn’t heard those sweet words once in the past twelve months!


In fact, SOJ had not looked her straight in the eyes once after the rather unfortunate read more….

Daughters Of Eve Chapter 8: A Difference of Two Worlds: The ‘Substance’…

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And not many days after the younger son gathered all together, and took his journey into a far country, and there wasted his substance with riotous living. And when he had spent all, there arose a mighty famine in that land; and he began to be in want.
-Luke 15:13-14 (KJV)


Moji checked her Facebook wall for the umpteenth time with tears in her eyes. They were not crocodile tears!

Those tears flowed whenever she was on Facebook in recent times.


Actually, they were tears of regret.

She would start surfing rather innocently, then she would get hooked on details of occurrences in the lives of friends and acquaintances; and by the time she was done, her eyes would be wet with tears and her heart heavy with regret. Besides, she would be very green with envy!

Afterwards, she would lapse into a melancholy mood which could last for days depending on whose profile she had studied, vowing to herself never to get on Facebook again till she was strong enough to handle the painful realities of her life.

Moments like this always made her wish she could redeem her past and live all over again! With the benefit of hindsight, she agreed that she would have at least followed the crowd to serve God while still in school.

Even if not sincerely!

How she used to see ‘church runs’ as sheer waste of time in those days! And how she despised believers, regarding them as a boring and unfashionable bunch.

Back In The Days…

Actually only two notable extreme categories of students existed in her circle at college: the very unfashionable beret-wearing-scarf-tying and tongue-talking Christians; and the extremely social, porch-crawling and ever jiving unbelievers.

Those in between were a very insignificant few.

Back then, she was one of the hottest babes on campus- very well known in every social circle that mattered. She moved around with the crème de la crème of her campus, mostly cult guys. By her standards in those days, all the responsible guys who cared genuinely and could have dated her didn’t measure up. They couldn’t have made the list by any means:  they were either not rich enough, or just not social or ‘tapping’ enough!

So she was generally snobbish and obnoxious to good read more….

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Are you a lady in business or are you seeking to quit paid employment to set up a business but don’t know how?

Then this is for you!

Not a set of dogged rules and regulations, but as usual, an exciting, hilarious and intriguing story which tells it all in a relaxed mode…

Trust me it’s fun!
It’s hot!
It’s intriguing!
It’s educative!

It’s coming your way THIS April end.

Read more….

Aggravated ‘Busyness’!

Courtesy  earning forever.com

Courtesy earning forever.com

I’ve been very busy lately- I mean very very busy.

Busy with business:
-Marketing, deals, more marketing…
-Sales, Credit Management, Procurement etc.
-Retail Systems Set Up Projects, Trainings etc.
-Customer Service, Customer Management (those few irate customers you know)

Busy dealing with issues:
-Power failure,
-Fuel scarcity,
-Generator hitches ( sometimes, the poor thing seems to cry out for mercy) from overuse etc…

Busy with family:
-School runs,
-Kitchen stuff
-Household chores etc

Busy with some other vital aspects of life, details of which I have deliberately chosen to omit in this particular piece because each is a story on its own. Think I’d better reserve those for another day.

The annoying thing about this particular phase of busyness is that it is fully ‘aided and abetted’ by power outages, fuel scarcity and other unnecessary territorial or should I say localised ‘frustrations’- You know all those unnecessary sufferings and hardship people in the developed world know nothing about.

Or could anyone imagine the unnecessary productivity crisis that could arise owing to such factors as fuel scarcity in the same locality when there is sporadic power supply?

OK let me try to paint a better picture: Try to imagine the number of man-hours required to search and queue up for fuel to power your business at such times. For a business owner, it can be daunting!

I believe I was born to be a beacon of hope and not to create platforms for complaints; and I’ve learned not to let the down sides of life steal my joy. Besides, I owe it a responsibility that my write-ups inspire rather than cast shadows on the paths of my readers.

In that light, please understand that I’m not complaining- only trying to let you understand how challenging it must be for tax paying Small Businesses to survive in economies where they have to independently provide the very services their taxes should cater for… That’s like multiple payments for the same service!

Well, if you get my drift, then you’d understand that the extra work done (and resources spent) to get a steady supply of whatever infrastructure our businesses need to operate seamlessly plus the regular demands of normal operation itself is my definition of ‘busyness’ in this context.

And that’s where I’ve been lately… Very busy with all sorts of things!

Then Jill Came Tumbling After…

Then sometime about three weeks ago, my official system crashed in the midst of the busyness!

And like Jill who came tumbling after Jack in the popular nursery rhyme (I wonder why most nursery rhymes end on a sad note) our Production System crashed few days after!

Then, the busyness aggravated!

Now, there’s really no big deal about system crashes as they are easily resolvable; however, the painful thing about this particular case was that while trying to restore operations to normalcy as quickly as possible, our ‘honourable’ IT Support ‘guy’ mistakenly chose and formatted the wrong partition i.e. the partition which had the database of our Retail Solution!

Worse still, the most recent back up as at then was about three days old against the best practice of taking incremental or differential back ups everyday. The implication was that we had the transactions of three full days at stake.


Big goof on our part: things like this shouldn’t happen with an IT personnel like me in the picture!

Well, lesson learned! Perhaps we should have hired dedicated resources or outsourced the support of our IT infrastructure rather than leave it to the same team which have their hands so full with other operational stuffs and client issues.

Attention business owners and potential business owners! Please notice why one should be careful not to take on too much in the name of cost saving. Our case was just like trying to be ones own family doctor to save cost because he is in the medical practice. Saves cost truly, but it’s not best practice.

Truth be told, some services are better outsourced even when one has the expertise. And like I mentioned in an earlier update, bartering with friends who render these services in exchange for alternative services one could render might be an affordable option.

Courtesy compsuits.com

So please add Disaster Recovery to my to-do list- just that this time around, my business and I are the client of our own services or better still the ‘patient’; while my team and I are also the Service Provider or ‘doctor’.

Funny isn’t it? Not in the least considering the dire consequences!

Attention business owners and potential business owners! Please notice why one should be careful not to take on too much in the name of cost saving. Our case was just like trying to be ones own family doctor to save cost because he is in the medical practice. Saves cost truly, but it’s not best practice.

Trust me, I promptly picked up a Data Recovery software off the shelf and recovered all our lost data intact from the formatted and already reloaded hard disk! Someone please say bravo! to the ‘James Bond’ in me…

However, the only issue was that the most critical factor to the data restoration i.e. the lost database became unstable after recovery, giving some error messages regarding table inconsistencies… etc. That is where we are at the moment, and at this point, I must admit that I do need help.

Not that I can’t get it fixed by myself, but my hands are just too full at the moment as there are lots of equally pressing things to catch up with.

When ‘mata’ pass me I dey gentle. Therefore, I’m liaising with friends and bartering for the resolution of this one . Trust them to handle it in a jiffy while I attend to other pressing things. I might give you a feedback at a later ‘update’.

I’d rather get busy with restoring Retail Operations to my business; and that I’ve been able to achieve by setting up a ‘dummy’ database and confirming inventory by manual checks pending the repairs of the damaged database. And in case you don’t know, the manual check thing is where the work really is: three days’ transactions is much!


Now let’s talk about other consequences of my circumstantial three week old busyness:

-Lots to catch up with: Inventory (as mentioned) and Accounting (another biggie)
- Little time for social life, phone calls etc.
-No time for Social networking: Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, BBM, What’s app etc. in fact I sometimes even forget they exist…
-Little time for emails and internet
- And most regrateably, no time for my passions – listening to good music , reading and (*sobs) writing …

Getting Spiritual…

So at times like this, when regular Prayer and study times might get a little sporadic due to fatigue, I take full advantage of audio Bible which I always find very inspiring.

When things go hay wire like this and there is too much to do, I have learned from experience that one needs to be careful not to over work or get over- stressed, either of which could lead to a burn out.

I have also come to realise that there is much tendency for one to allow life’s events to hinder one’s fellowship with God at times like this. And this tends to make things worse.

In that regard, I remain thankful that I have learned to make good use of little solitudes which fill my day at all times.

So at times like this, when regular Prayer and study times might get a little sporadic due to fatigue, I take full advantage of audio Bible which I always find very inspiring. Moreover, it’s always exciting that I can listen to volumes of scriptures in just few minutes!

Moreover, I know how to pray in the spirit at very odd times and places. For example,
-in the shower,
-while working out in the morning, and my favourite
-while driving alone in my car.

And how I love those bumper to bumper traffics! Not pleasant on their own especially when it means arriving late for an appointment, but outside that, I don’t mind as long as it gives more time to listen to my mp3 Bible and pray in the spirit on the wheels…

Such has been my plight recently … Lots of outstanding. Lots to catch up with.

Painfully, I missed a class of one of the courses I’m taking on Coursera last week, and this week’s content is already out. Plus assignments. Oopsss!!!

And have I touched a single book in the past three weeks? Sincerely, I look forward to the end of this particular phase of busyness.

My Latest Gadget:


Recently, I added a portable android tab to my collection of gadgets to help cope better and really, it’s been an able Personal Digital Assistant, helping with productivity tools like notepads, reminders, alarms, Excel for my accounting, WordPress for blogging, Coursera, and lots more!

And what’s more, it’s a lot more portable than my iPad so it can follow me wherever and help me work better on the go.

Such is the eventful life of a growing and multi-tasking Retailer/ Retail Systems Consultant.

Funny enough, I can’t imagine a less eventful life. It would be too boring. At least for someone like me. How I love challenges! They keep me on my toes. They help me think better and learn faster. They make me a lot more productive. …and really, I think it’s fun to be me through and through!

Busyness and Purpose…

And each time it seem like I’m getting too busy for my own good, and as though the busyness is going to distract me from purpose, I feel this gentle nudge which kind of makes me thirst for God and crave for the essence of my creation.

This tingle I believe is a wake up call and reminder that no matter where I find myself, His I am and Him I am to serve and represent.

This tickle I believe is to remind me that I am an ark of His covenant and I still bear His call on my life regardless of location…whether in the church or at the market place.

Growing up as a believer, I always saw myself confined to the four walls of the physical and virtual church, ministering holy things to God’s people.

Today however, I am persuaded that figuratively, the veil of the temple is torn in twain from top to bottom yet again, and that the presence and glory of God has kind of spilled out from the physical and virtual Church once again. This time around…

Into the corporate business world
Into the political arena
Into the society
Into the market place.

For a man of purpose, busyness does not distract from purpose. Busyness for him is part of the entire package of purpose.

So though I am privilege to serve in the church, I am also called to minister in various capacities in society as I also still bear the call upon my life which is expressed and fulfilled each time I do my bit wherever I find myself… For instance, in the market place.

For a man of purpose, busyness does not distract from purpose. Busyness for him is part of the entire package of purpose.

As at now, things are generally taking shape, and I’m sure that this time next week , the database issue would have been sorted and I should be heaving a sigh of relief and singing ‘Holiday Is Coming!’ in anticipation of a bit of rest.

Up next is Daughters of Eve Chapter 8.

So sorry it’s really late this time… at least now you know why *winks….

Funmi Adebayo (c) 2014




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